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    Find people you meet in real life and from your area.

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    Give them a "like" and if he or she likes you back, ...

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    …Mingl will connect you …

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    …and you can get to know each other through built-in chat!

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real people, real moments


Mingl connects you with people close to you!

Certainly, this happened to you before: You see someone in a cafe, at a party or at the gym. You briefly glance at each other but you were too shy to walk up to and talk to him or her

With Mingl there are no missed opportunities - you can find him or her again on Mingl and show your interest. If he or she likes you back, Mingl allows you to connect and meet again.

You can also easily find that cute girl or guy who sits in the same cafe right now or who you saw last night at the club. Mingl connects you with the people that you like and saw in real life - even if you never spoke before.


You don't have to be shy on Mingl. The people you like on Mingl will only know if they like you back. Then you can start chatting and take the first step. Mingl will even show you if you have similar interests and how often you met before in real life.

Battery anxiety? No worries - Mingl uses only very little energy and even works without data or cellular connection (e.g. in a crowded club or a far out hiking trail) - and once you're back online you can see who you met.

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Date real people - not bots

Mingl uses the latest technology to connect to people you met in real life. Mingl automatically shows you other Minglers around you - and it remembers them so you can find them again later and at your own time.

Meet people from your area

Mingl uses newest location-technology which has been developed to be extremely battery-efficient even when always on in the background. And GPS is not required. We avoid fakeprofiles by using SMS-verification or Facebook at the registration.

Mingl connects real people in the virtual world

By using the latest location-technology, Mingl allows you to connect to people you met throughout the day (or night). It constantly looks out for other Minglers in your vicinity and remembers them so you can meet again - on Mingl.

Your data and privacy are safe with us!

We guarantee complete discretion. We never collect or store your location. We never post on your Facebook wall. And we never share any of your information with others.


Need help? Here are the most frequent questions and answers.

What are those profiles that I see in the Mingl app?

On the app home screen you can see a list of all profiles of Minglers currently around you or which you met throughout the day/night. The date above the profile picture indicates when you met.

I can't find anyone on Mingl. What should I do?

First, make sure that Location-setting is turned on. You can adjust your search preferences in the settings menu. Or maybe you just didn't come across other Minglers just yet. Click on "Invite friends" to spread the word. The more people use the app in general, the higher your chance to find someone intersting to you.

How can I send a message to other users?

You can add a like to people you came across in the real world and then found again in the Mingl app. If this person likes you back, we got a match! After that you can chat with each other through the app. You can see a list of all matches (or: Mingls) by selecting "Mingls" from the menu.

Will Mingl post anything on my Facebook page?

No, Mingl will never post anything on your timeline. We only need your Facebook information to register with Mingl and to show you common interests of you and your matches. Not even that you are using Mingl in the first place will be visible to others on Facebook.

Should I allow the Mingl app to send me notifications?

If you want to get notified right away when we have a new match or if someone sent you a message, you have to allow app notifications. If you don't you can still see all updates whenever you open the app.

How can I upload new pictures to my profile?

You can also add, exchange or remove your pictures through the app at the profile settings.

What happens if I block someone?

If you block another person on Mingl, you are not able to send messages or gifts to each othe. In the app settings you can manage who you have currently blocked.

Does the app have to be permanently open in order to find new people?

No, Mingl will then continuously collect other Mingl profiles of people who cross your path in real life even in background.

Does Mingl use a lot of my phone's battery?

No, thanks to the latest location-technology, Mingl uses only very little battery power - even when permanently running in the background.

Can I delete my Mingl profile permanently?

Of course! In the app settings you can delete your account. Please keep in mind that this will permanently delete all connections and messages.

I get an error message when I try to log in

'Please contact us! Go to our contact form or send an email to info@go-mingl.com and we'll help you out.

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